Counselling & Therapy, Mediation, and Litigation Support

 Experience top quality therapeutic and litigation service from a  professional that cares.


Clinical Counselling/ Therapy (Virtual)

We offer reasonably priced therapeutic and counselling services.

Litigation Support (Virtual)

Our litigation support services are geared toward self represented litigants in family, civil and criminal matters.


We offer dynamic structured and interactive mediation services to individuals and/or organizations.

What Is Litigation Support?

You may be a self-represented litigant in a family court case or charged with a criminal law summary offence and seeking legal information in preparing for your case for self-advocacy. Perhaps, you prefer to use a less adversarial process and opt for a collaborative family law approach. We can accommodate all of your litigation support needs as part of our forensic social work services.

In Need of Therapeutic Services?

Cinical Social Workers are trained at the master’s level. Following a rigorous candidacy program MSW social workers are certified and registered as licensed private practice clinical social workers (LCSW). Clinical social workers are often referred to as therapists and provide psychotherapy services to individuals, families and groups for a variety of issues using a number of therapeutic approaches. In, Canada MSW RSW social workers are also considered clinical social workers and can provide mental health counselling and support services.

Looking For Mediation Support?

Mediation is a process of negotiation in a relationship to resolve differences. Whether you are a couple divorcing, have a property dispute with a neighbour, or a conflict at work we can assist you.

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